Saturday, May 14, 2011

"The Lost Saint," by Bree Despain

I liked the protagonist, Grace Divine, better in this second book. She goes to a darker place, struggles with her inner wolf versus the need to do good. Frankly, the first book had too much lovey family-ness for my taste. I kept picturing this really religious family in my town. I think Grace's struggles in this book made her much more relatable as a character than previously.

With boyfriend Daniel acting strange and disappearing often, her family life upside down, Grace begins to fall under the influence of Tal, who seems to know what she's going through. He helps her tune into her superpowers, but this leads her to begin losing herself to the wolf.

Daniel and Gabriel fight to keep her safe, but brother Jude--who has allowed the wolf to take him over--delivers Grace into the hands of a monster.

With a pretty decent cliffhanger, I'm left disappointed I don't already have the next book in hand.

4 stars

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