Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Cloaked," by Alex Finn

Takes on several old fairy tales: the shoemaker and elves; princess and the frog; the tailor who kills the giants; the old man and the magic fish; the six swans, etc.

This is more of a juvenile book than YA. Not a lot of substance, dependent mostly on magic to move the plot along.

A princess asks Johnny, who fixes shoes at a fancy Miami hotel, to find her brother-turned-frog. In exchange, Johnny gets money (his family is poor, so he desperately needs it) and her hand in marriage. He accepts and goes off on a journey filled with witches, magic cloaks, talking animals, murderous giants and paparazzi. Best friend Meg helps him and reveals some magic powers of her own.

Cute book for preteens. No swearing, harmless kissing scenes, moral wrap-up.

2 stars

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