Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Black Swan Rising," by Lee Carroll

"Lee Carroll is a pseudonym for the collaboration between Hammet Award-winning mystery novelist Carol Goodman and her poet and hedge fund manager husband, Lee Slonimsky."

Parts of it reminded me of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," but in a more reader-friendly sort of way. Several times I thought, "If Neil had written AG *this* way, I'd have loved it!"

Carol Goodman always has a way of weaving history, art, literature into her novels that make them feel alive. Even creating a story unlike her usual literary mysteries, she couldn't break away from that habit. And the story is richer for it.

I didn't fully feel the connection between Garet (Marguerite) and the vampire Will, but I guess it's explained in her living more than one life. Still... Eh. I wish there'd been more about her friend Jay.

There were times my eyes glazed over when reading about "transmigration of atoms" and changing to water, wind, etc.

Will definitely read the follow-up (I assume there will be) to see Garet's quest to find Will and the Summer Country (land of the fey).

4 stars

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