Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Infinite Days," by Rebecca Maizel

The book started out great, really putting a twist on the YA vampire niche. Lenah had been a vampire for 600 years before becoming human again through a magic ritual performed by her maker, Rhode.

I loved how Lenah wasn't sweet and innocent or needy. She reflected a lot on her evil past, the coven she'd created, the thousands she'd slaughtered. But halfway through, it just started getting typical YA/Twilight. Very disappointed by the killing off of a favorite character. I hate when authors kill off the best characters.

Also, I felt like the author relied on "magic" to explain everything. It allowed too much for her character to get away with without really having to account for the how. I liked the characters, though, and will definitely read the follow-up, out sometime this year.

3 stars

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