Saturday, May 14, 2011

"The Dead-Tossed Waves," by Carrie Ryan

This book wasn't as wonderful as "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," but it was still pretty excellent.

A companion to "Forest," this novel is told from the point of Gabry, daughter of the first book's main character. Unlike her mother Mary, Gabry is frightened of almost everything. She wants to keep her safe life at the lighthouse where she's grown up, but a single decision puts in motion a world of changes.

When a Mudo attack leaves a few friends dead, her best friend captured for punishment, and her crush Catcher infected, Gabry tries to make sense of it all. When her mother leaves the city to return to the Forest of Hands and Teeth in order to search for those she left behind so long ago, Gabry feels abandoned and seeks help from Elias, a young man beyond the barrier who is on a mission of his own.

Catcher realizes he is immune to the infection and can move among the Mudo undetected. He uses this ability to stage a fake breach of Mudo to create a diversion among the militia in order to rescue his sister from her imprisonment. When the militia, called Recruiters, realize Catcher is immune, they stop at nothing to capture him and use him. Catcher, Gabry, Elias and Cira escape to the Forest to find Gabry's mother and to try to elude the Recruiters.

Like Carrie Ryan's first book, "The Dead-Tossed Waves" has a great love triangle, intense heartache, and a terrifying and lonely world that is difficult to forget.

4 stars

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