Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Evil at Heart," by Chelsea Cain

Second time I've read "Evil at Heart."

I love the way Chelsea Cain writes. She's pretty sick. I don't know how she can come up with the gruesome ways her serial killer, Gretchen Lowell, tortures people. It's pretty disturbing and off-putting to read, but in the most absorbing, addicting way.

You have to love main characters Archie Sheridan and Susan Ward. They're so compelling, especially Archie, who'd been Gretchen's only surviving victim. He suffers from sexual Stockholm Syndrome, is addicted to pain meds, and desperately wants to regain control over his life. Susan... Well, she just wants to be a journalist, not a reporter. She also wants Archie. Looking forward to see if that will play out in Cain's newest book, "The Night Season."

If you're a mystery book fan and aren't reading this series, you are big-time missing out.

5 stars

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