Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Breathers: A Zombie's Lament," by S.G. Browne

A romantic zombie comedy--Rom Zom Com.

Andy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree. He and his wife died, but he reanimated a few days later. Now he lives in his parents' basement, stinking up the joint with his decomposing body. His mother refuses to touch him, and his father frequently threatens to send him off to a zombie zoo or research lab. Andy goes to therapy and attends a zombie support group. He is frustrated with his unlife and the way he's treated by society--no rights, no freedoms, no protection from Breathers.

When Andy meets a new zombie friend who turns him and the support group onto the pleasures and benefits of eating human flesh, things take a turn for the better. Injuries heal, his heart begins to beat, he finds confidence and love with fellow support group member Rita.

If only the Breathers would acknowledge the zombies' rights to existence...

Great social commentary, funny, entertaining.

4 stars

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