Saturday, May 14, 2011

"City of Fallen Angels," by Cassandra Clare

This book was a major letdown. It's mostly a lot of lead-up to the ending with nothing happening through the rest of it. I'm glad Simon and Isabelle were featured more, but the Jace and Clary drama was just ridiculous. Granted, most teenagers are ridiculous in their angst and hormones and their feelings of "no one will ever understand me!" But characters should rise above that, not wallow in it.

Jace tortures himself over and over again about his upbringing, his father Valentine versus his real father Stephen Herondale, his feelings about his feelings (I know, right? Annoying much?), how he doesn't really deserve happiness with Clary.

Clary doesn't understand why Jace is pulling away from her, so she decides to stay away from him. More drama and doubt and zero communication.

And then there's the sickly sweet reunion between them before, shocker, Jace turns dark inside again.

Basically, the whole book is like a place-holder for Clare's next book. If the first three in the series weren't so darn good, I'd be severely annoyed at having wasted my time reading this one. The only saving grace was that we get more involved in the lives of Simon, Isabelle, Maia, Jordan, Alec and Magnus.

Sorry, Cassandra Clare. I love this series and your writing talent, but this falls far short of what you're capable of.

2 stars

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