Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Blood Song," by Cat Adams

I don't think the two authors who collaborated in the writing agreed on what kind of book this was supposed to be. The first half was mostly serious with an occasional smartass remark by the protagonist. The second half had a lot more sarcastic, going-for-funny lines. Felt like I was reading MaryJanice Davidson's Betsy Taylor series. At least MJ Davidson had that style from the start and throughout her series, so you know exactly what the tone was supposed to be.

Protagonist Celia is bitten by a vampire and becomes an abomination--part human/part vampire. Many people/creatures want her dead. Very serious in the beginning, then suddenly Celia's always cracking jokes.

The revelation near the end of the book that she's part siren serves to 1) get her male help when she needs it and 2) to set up a sequel. Also, there were too many character names. I shouldn't have to think for several minutes on who each person is or who's being referenced. I'd probably read the sequel, but I'd be hoping the authors have settled on a set style.

3 stars

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