Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Sh*t My Dad Says," by Justin Halpern

I followed "Sh*t My Dad Says" on Twitter for a while before Justin Halpern got his book deal, so I knew I had to eventually read the book. It was really nice to get some back story on Justin and his 73-year-old father, Sam Halpern. Between his dad's profanity-laced quotes on everything from life and girls to pets and sports, young Halpern chronicles his relationship with his straight-talking, tough-love-style father.

This book isn't for the easily offended or for those who have no sense of humor. Sam Halpern, like it or not, doesn't mince words. And it's not always easy to take. It's definitely hard to imagine liking someone so blunt and who thinks nothing of dropping f-bombs when speaking to his 6-year-old. There's a lot more to the elder Halpern, though; his love for his family is evident.

Fave quote:
On Getting an Internship at Quentin Tarantino's Production Company
"That is one ugly son of a bitch ... Oh, yeah, no, congratulations. If you see him, try not to stare at his face if you've eaten anything."

4 stars

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