Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Dead Reckoning," by Charlaine Harris

While I enjoyed this book about a billion times more than the previous two or three, I just wish the series would end. Sookie wasn't as annoying this time around, but her circumstances never change. She always has a fierce enemy and a love interest that is bound to go wrong.

In addition, Sookie spends most of the book thinking/commenting on how Sam's girlfriends are always so bad for him. As Sam has said about Sookie's lovers throughout the entire series. Like we don't know where this is heading. We get it, Charlaine. You're ending the series, and it'll be Sookie and Sam together, the most lukewarm, uninspired couple anyone could think of pairing.

Many other reviewers complained about a lack of adhering to the series' timeline, but it didn't phase me, probably because I only read the books as they come out and then promptly forget the plot.

I'm disappointed in the direction the series took. Sookie was once a strong, willful character who looked out for herself and her friends/family. She loved deeply and was loyal. After Bill was out as her boyfriend, it's like any guy who came along was good enough to screw. Yet she still judges her brother for his relationship mishaps.

I talked myself out of a four-star review and gave it three stars. Really dislike the Sookie-and-Sam thing.

3 stars

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