Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"The Agency," by Ally O'Brien

Tess Drake has worked hard in London's literary world as an agent for authors. She has a gorgeous apartment, a secret lover, and a client she's helped rake in millions. Then her boss winds up dead from erotic asphyxia, leaving Tess' nemesis in charge of the agency. Having kicked around the idea of starting her own agency for a few years, the timing seems right. However, everything else seems to go wrong: her biggest client, Dorothy, faces a plagiarism claim; the police seem to think Tess has something to do with the untimely death of her boss; her brilliant yet underrated client Oliver is on the brink of suicide (barring divine Tom Cruise intervention); and Tess has just blurted out the dreaded "L" word to her married lover.

Tess is a flawed character who has burned a lot of bridges. She prides herself on not worrying what others think of her, but that comes back to haunt her when she's left to face who her real friends are.

Some readers may be put off by Tess' attitude, her language and actions. I loved her. She's dirty-mouthed, she's smart, she's a hard-working dynamo. And did I mention funny? This book made me laugh a lot!

FYI, this book is a collaboration between the amazingly talented mystery writer Brian Freeman and a real literary agent. I really hope there's a follow-up book!

4.5 stars

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