Friday, April 13, 2007

"The Stolen Child," by Keith Donohue

In The Stolen Child, 7-year-old Henry Day runs out into the woods after an argument with his mother. He climbs into the hollow of a tree, determined not to be found. While his family and the townspeople search desperately for him, Henry is abducted by hobgoblins. A changeling takes his place, transforming himself to look like the real Henry Day, as Henry is forced to live out his days with the hobgoblins.

Two narrators give life to this book. The new Henry gets a second chance at a human life and all the sorrows and conflicts that come with it. The old Henry, now called Aniday by his fellow changelings, has a very difficult time forgetting his former life.

I loved, loved, loved this story of loss and heartbreak. The Stolen Child is Donohue's first novel. It weaves magic and fairy tales into a profound look at our inner child and how the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Here's one of my favorite passages from the novel, where Aniday is contemplating all he's lost:

The most merciless thing in the world is love. When love flees, all that remains is memory to compensate. Our friends were either going or gone, their ghosts the best our poor minds could conjure to fill love's absence.

5 stars


metamorphose said...

Looks like this is going on my list. :)

April said...

Yes. DO IT. :)

Tusk said...

It seems like my kind of thing too!

Laura said...

Mark this the first time I've disagreed with you - hee.

However, it's also the first time I disagreed with the person who recommended this (and other great books which I adored) to me as well. So, it probably is just be me on this one.

I just felt like I had to force myself to keep with it at times. Also, WHAT was UP with that ending?!

April said...

haha Laura, I know, the ending wasn't the greatest. A little disappointing. I really did like this book, though. But there have been many times when someone else assures me how awesome a book is, then I read it, and think "Ugh. Why did you make me waste my time?"

By the way, what's up with your book blog??? I'm suffering from withdrawal!!

Anonymous said...

One of my All Time Favorite books... and I don't have many.